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From big family dinners to late night drinks to that first cup of morning coffee, your dining room is the beating heart of your home. People come together to share love over good food, and quality dining room furniture from The Brick can help make those mealtime memories last.

Are you a fan of rustic woodgrains? Do you jump for joy over gleaming metals? Ready to gather the family around a retro dining table? With a wide selection of home decor styles to choose from, The Brick has all you need to make your dining room the perfect place to come home to.

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How Does it Work?

Style your space your way. With a wide variety tables, chairs, dining benches, servers, and so much more to choose from, it's easy to build the dining room of your dreams. Pair a tough wooden table with plush leather dining chairs. Put brightly coloured chairs together with a clear glass tabletop and sleek server. Pick several different chairs to give your dining space an eclectic feeling. The sky's the limit when you mix and match all your favourite pieces.

Choose the right furniture height for all your pieces with three different options to pick from, so that mealtime goes as smoothly as possible. Stick to a tried-and-true classic with standard height. Live the high life with taller counter-height pieces. Go big or go home with bar stools.

Get Inspired with these featured styles

Farm House Style


Let the country road take you home. With matte finishes and artistically distressed wood, farmhouse style pieces offer a fresh breeze of homespun charm, no matter where you are. Enjoy dinner just like grandma used to make with timeworn-looking pieces.

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Rustic Style


Enjoy the feeling of a ski chalet anytime you want with the beauty of rustic furniture. Made with weather-worn-style wood, leather and/or stone, these pieces highlight the woodgrain's natural lines and curves. Make your dining room an escape from the rush of everyday life with this taste of the wild.

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Modern Style


Welcome to the modern era. With sharp lines, geometric shapes and futuristic materials, modern furniture lives on the cutting edge of furniture trends. Let the monochromatic palettes and mixtures of different materials add excitement to your dining space.

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