How to Transform an Unused Dining Room into a Beautiful, Livable Space

The dining room is often one of the largest rooms in a home, but ironically, it also one of the most underused rooms among families. Homeowners tend to be intimidated by dining rooms that have a formal feel to them, opting to save them for only special occasions rather than share daily meals in them. But at The Brick, we encourage you to rethink your dining room and transform it into a beautiful and livable space that you can enjoy more regularly!

Here are some dining room makeover ideas to consider for your home, including tips for updating your dining room table, dining room chairs, artwork, lighting, and other décor.

Dining Room Table Options

Sometimes, making your dining room more usable is as simple as introducing a new dining room table. Dining room tables take on many forms and styles, such as long and low, high and round, simple and elegant, or modern and sleek.

At The Brick, our dining room tables feature beautiful finishes like rubberwood, acacia, and glass. This will likely be the largest piece of furniture in the room, so make sure to take good measurements of your space to ensure a good fit for the dining room table.  Opt for a table that fills the space well, but also leaves room for chairs and needed maneuverability around the room. It’s also important to think about the ease it takes to clean tables made of different materials, specifically if you have young kids who are prone to spills.

Updated Dining Room Chairs

You can also add new dining room chairs to your home to implement your dining room makeover ideas. For a classy and comfortable look, consider the Sadie Dining Chair built with Asian Hardwood in a dark brown color, high-density foam seat padding, and a linen-look fabric that comes in light blue, gray, and beige. Other dining room chairs feature retro styles, classic wood, bold and neutral colors, and counter-height chairs for high tables. If the focus is transforming your space to be more usable and enticing, focus on comfortable chairs that make you want to sit down and enjoy a meal with friends and family. For a style-centered makeover, compare wood and fabric colors with the theme of your dining room décor and the current color scheme.

Complete Transformations with Dining Room Sets

If your dining room could use a full overhaul, you might want to look at dining room sets that include a table and set of four or more chairs. Dining room sets are great because everything comes together in a package so you’ll have everything you need without having to match the colors, fabrics, and finishes of the table and chairs.

You can also transform your dining room’s look by adding a bench instead of chairs at your dining room table or placing a buffet, server, or cabinet along a wall. These are all wonderful places for storing your favorite dishes and personalizing your space with collectors’ items, travel souvenirs, or holiday décor.

Dining Room Makeover Ideas

However, you can also update your dining room in simple and budget-friendly ways by adjusting small pieces of décor and accent items. For example, you can hang some new artwork on the walls, move around your picture frames, add a new lamp in the corner of the room, or buy a beautiful chandelier to hang above your dining room set.

You might also consider giving your dining room a fresh coat of paint in a bolder color, painting an accent wall, or using wallpaper or stencils on one wall to breathe new life into the room. Other dining room makeover ideas include adding fresh flowers to your dining room table, placing some houseplants in the corners of the room, relocating a bookshelf to the dining room, and situating a bar cart along a wall to conveniently serve cocktails to your guests.

Alternative Dining Room Uses

For some families, having a formal dining room simply doesn’t make sense because of their lifestyles, home layouts, or other existing furniture in the home. If you can’t imagine ever using your dining room for an eating and gathering space, you might want to transform the room to something else entirely different.

Consider adding a couple of accent chairs and bookshelves to create a library or reading nook. Families with young children and limited square footage may want to transform the dining room into a nursery or play room. Meanwhile, fitness enthusiasts may make better use of a dining room after it is transformed into a home gym with some cardio equipment and weights.

Regardless of how you envision your dream dining room, The Brick can make those dreams a reality! Browse our website for dining room inspiration and stop by one of our many locations to shop for top-quality dining room furniture that your whole family will love.