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Your contribution helps Canadian kids get better care closer to home.

To help kids across Canada, The Brick has raised:

  • $13,216,665

    since 2014

  • $2,577,474.00

    in 2023

Nearly 5,000 children receive medical care every day

1 in 10 kids in North America is treated by Children's Miracle Network each year

257 surgeries are performed each day on children

Nearly 8,000 diagnostic imaging procedures are done on average each year

More than 3,000 researchers are working on diagnosing causes, developing treatments and finding cures for children's diseases

Children's Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network® raises funds and awareness for 170 member hospitals, 13 of which are in Canada. Donations stay local to fund critical treatment and healthcare services, purchase pediatric medical equipment, support research, and create healing environments for kids and families. Together with national and local fundraising partners and programs, Children’s Miracle Network is dedicated to raising funds and improving healthcare for children across Canada. Every single dollar raised through Children’s Miracle Network goes directly to the local children’s hospital foundation in the community where the money is donated. Since our partnership with Children’s Miracle Network began in 2014, The Brick has helped raise over $15 million for children’s hospitals in Canada.


  • The Brick is deeply committed to children’s hospitals across Canada. During our ten-year partnership with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), which began in 2014, The Brick has implemented initiatives such as Brickley Bear sales, New Year 5k run and others. These initiatives have allowed The Brick to work alongside Canada’s 13 children’s hospitals to truly go the distance for kids across Canada.

  • Care to Share Day, our signature campaign initiated in 2021, features tiered savings and donation opportunities. What’s more, every employee in our organization gets involved to help fundraise and bolster support for children’s hospitals.

  • The Brick doesn’t stand still in its work on behalf of children’s hospitals – it continues to innovate and optimize its fundraising approaches to enhance performance over time. Our employee ambassador program, aimed to support our fundraising efforts, along with training and other engagement opportunities, helps ensure our partnership with children’s hospitals is always at the forefront of our organization.

Meet the champions
  • Cohen & Nash

    Cohen & Nash

    Cohen and his little brother Nash love playing sports and wrestling. Both were born with congenital heart defects and, soon after birth, underwent major life-saving surgeries at BC Children’s Hospital. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, Cohen and Nash never hesitate to smile and charm their way into the hearts of those they meet.
    BC BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Kherington


    Kherington is positive and ambitious despite numerous diagnoses—some life-threatening, some life-limiting—as well as a rare and unknown autoimmune disease that continues to elude a diagnosis. Kherington is outgoing and loves to make friends everywhere she goes. Kherington also loves taekwondo, rhythmic gymnastics, and art.
    SK Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Claire


    To her family, Claire is unstoppable. She has cerebral palsy and while she is unable to move on her own or speak, innovative, donor-funded technology called Brain Computer Interface (BCI) at the Alberta Children’s Hospital is helping her use her mind to do things her body cannot. When she’s not making milkshakes or playing games using BCI, or also communicating through eye gaze technology, you can find her on her Trexo Robotics walker, which helped her walk down the aisle as a flower girl. She’s recently started her own business selling products she made using BCI! She also loves Moana and making new friends.
    AB Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Fatoumata


    Fatoumata is a wise-beyond-her-years, ambitious teenager dreaming of a career in medicine, law, or even acting! Fatoumata was just an infant when the pain began. Enduring years of pain and sickness due to sickle cell anemia, she began treatment at CHEO upon arriving in Canada at age 9, when her pain crises worsened. After undergoing multiple surgeries and a stem cell transplant that altered the course of her life, Fatoumata was offered new hope. For the first time in her life, she is pain-free and can look forward to going to school, embarking on travel adventures, and hanging out with friends.
    ON CHEO Foundation
  • Nori


    Nori is an inquisitive young girl who loves arts, dance, and drums. At age six, she experienced debilitating back pain that led to a diagnosis of stage 4 neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer. While the fight against cancer continues for Nori, she has big plans for a bright future with SickKids by her side.
    ON SickKids Foundation
  • Canon


    Canon loves Halloween, playing hockey, and paddling. After undergoing surgery and 26 long weeks of chemotherapy, Canon successfully beat kidney cancer. A few months later, shortly after turning 12, he was diagnosed with PTSD stemming from his cancer journey. After eight months of regularly scheduled therapy sessions, medication to manage his anxiety and follow-up care with his healthcare team, his family noticed a big change. He became more present, able to function, and could actively participate in his therapy. Canon is now back to filling his days with all his favourite hobbies.
    NS IWK Foundation
  • Janessa


    Janessa loves the outdoors. Starting at age five, Janessa experienced recurrent urinary tract infections. By age 7, Janessa had reached Stage 4 kidney disease with 25 percent kidney function that continued to decline. After support from pediatric nephrology specialists and a successful kidney transplant, Janessa is doing well and back in her community with family and friends.
    MB Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
  • Cole


    Cole is an active teenager who loves basketball. At age four, he was admitted to the Paediatric Critical Care Unit with unexplained kidney failure. After a life-saving amputation of his left arm and leg, Cole received a kidney transplant that changed his life. Now 17, Cole continues to thrive, recently competing with Team Ontario in wheelchair basketball at the 2023 Canada Games.
    ON Children's Health Foundation
  • Justine


    Justine is a resilient young girl who loves dancing and drawing. She was born prematurely and was hospitalized for 90 days in the NICU. She was treated for underdeveloped lungs, high blood pressure, and heart failure. She had to be intubated to breathe as soon as she was born, and she received continuous oxygen for her first year of life, as well as being fed by a tube passing through her nose. By the age of three, she had undergone four major surgeries and was hospitalized many times. Despite her complicated medical journey, Justine is now developing well and has regular follow-ups with her specialists. Her unique personality and ambitious spirit shine.
    QC Operation Infant Soleil
  • Mori


    Mori is an outgoing kid with a love for the performing arts. As a toddler she began experiencing a series of stubborn infections that just would not go away. Despite continued treatment and care, breakthrough infections remain a part of her life. Mori navigates her chronic condition with unwavering courage and the support of a hospital that understands her unique needs. With help from her medical team, Mori sang, acted and danced her way through a local production of Annie Jr.
    ON McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Rylie


    Rylie is a kind-hearted, energetic kid who loves to make people laugh. Born prematurely and with a hole in her heart, Rylie was rushed to the NICU at the Stollery Children’s Hospital where she received incredible care for three months. Thanks to a lifesaving, second open-heart surgery performed by her healthcare team, Rylie is now thriving. And the best part? She gets to do what she loves best: putting a smile on the face of everyone she meets!
    AB Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • John


    John is an awesome brother and friend, and a true star both on the soccer field and hockey rink. John was failing to thrive before a visit to Janeway Children’s Hospital revealed he had cystic fibrosis (CF). He began digestive enzyme treatment and dramatically improved overnight. Through incredibly valuable tools in the management and care of CF patients, John’s life as a super-star athlete and advocate for CF patients is back on track.
    NL Janeway Children's Hospital Foundation

Charity Day

The Brick always strives to support our community, which is why we pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from our sales during our Care to Share Day to Children’s Miracle Network – and we haven’t looked back since! Inspired by this successful endeavour, we set aside dedicated time each year to donate proceeds towards this incredible charity.

The CMN Charity Day in 2023 was exciting for everyone; Brick locations from coast to coast set up tables, baked treats and blew up balloons. Our staff volunteered to decorate the stores and our corporate partners stepped up to help contribute funds. We spoke with each of our valued customers, telling them about the amazing children we’ve helped over the years thanks to Children’s Miracle Network.

Our Burlington location accepted an amazing donation from one of our valued customers for $10,000! We are extremely grateful to all our customers who help support children’s hospitals.

From Victoria to Halifax, The Brick works together to help fund cutting-edge research, build family-friendly recovery spaces and support the healthcare needs of every Canadian child.

At the end of this one-day blitz in 2023, we raised a total of $496,000.

This donation would never have been possible without the kind souls and generous hearts of our customers and partners – we can’t say thank you enough!

The Brick's Charity Golf Tournament

With the help of our sponsors, The Brick raised over $187,00 at our annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Cheque presentation with Stollery Champion Child Elijia, his mom Tracey, Darci, and Adam Starkman -CEO Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Cheque presentation with Stollery Champion Child Elijah, his mom Tracey, Darci, and Adam Starkman - CEO Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Golf Tournament

Looking for a keepsake that also gives back?

The Brick donates the proceeds raised from the purchase of each Brickley Bear to Children's Miracle Network.

Visit your local Brick store to get yours today!

Put your money where the miracles are

When you donate to Children's Miracle Network, the money goes directly to your local children’s hospital to fund critical treatments and services.

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Operation Enfant Soleil
Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation
McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation
Sick Kids Foundation
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