Your Guide to Bar Stools

One of our favourite trends right now is incorporating bar stools into your home design and decor. And it’s easy to see why – stools don’t take up a lot of room, come in a wide range of designs and functionality, and are visually appealing to even the most traditional home decor.

Bar stools can provide a multitude of functions in many different spaces. With a wide range of usability and styles, the hardest part will be keeping yourself from buying one for every room in your home!

Kitchen – The most traditional use for bar stools is as part of your kitchen. Place them at a counter overhang for easy seating during casual meals, helping with homework or as extra seating for large dinners. They can also be pulled up to the counters for when small children want to watch or “help” you cook and bake. 

Bathroom – As we head back into the school year, morning routines will quickly be established. Set yourself up for success with a bar stool in your bathroom. Doing hair and brushing teeth can go more smoothly and quickly when the child is comfortably seated at your level. And because most bar stools are narrow, they won’t take up too much space.

Bedroom – If your home is anything like ours, we’re always fighting for mirror space in the bathrooms. Create your own bedroom vanity with a bar stool and mirror. You can perch comfortably while applying final touches to hair and make-up, or tying the perfect Windsor knot.

Games/Hobby Rooms – We all have spaces set apart for special projects or hobbies. Why not enjoy those activities comfortably? A higher seat will allow you a bird's eye view of your project, ensuring it’s finished precisely how you want.

Garage – Don’t forget about the garage! Similar to hobby spaces, garages are great places to incorporate stools for a more usable space. Pull up a bar stool up to a work bench for more intricate projects, or keep as an extra seat (or two) for when your buddies come over to hang out.

Stools come in a variety of sizes and with a range of functions. This quick guide can help you decide the right height for you:

  • Dining Chair– This is your typical dining height, perfect for surfaces 29″-31″ tall. Floor-to-seat height should range from 17″-19″.
  • Counter-Height Stool– Ideal for a surface height of 35″-37″, the floor-to-seat height should range from 24″-26″.
  • Bar Stool– Great for surfaces 41″-43″ tall, the floor-to-seat height should range from 29″-31″.

Form and function go hand-in-hand with bar stools. Shop our catalogue and find your perfect stool today.