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Favourite Features

Samsung WaterWall™

Clean in ways that a traditional rotary-arm spray model could not with a powerful streaming wall of water that delivers remarkable cleaning results while maintaining maximum pressure from corner to corner.

Noise Level

Enjoy powerful, efficient dishwashing with virtually silent wash cycles thanks to a special insulation system that significantly reduces noise to 38 decibels on some models.

Whirlpool Refrigerator

Third Rack with FlexTray™

The Third Rack with FlexTray is a removable rack that simplifies the task of unloading silverware and oversized utensils, plus it creates more space below for large pots and pans.

Zone Booster™

Controllable intensive washing gives you the option to increase the wash intensity so you can easily remove stubborn food from heavily soiled pots, pans or hard-to-clean dishes.

Professional Cleanness