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Our community-centered stores are located where you are! All retail positions are focused on making sure we cater to our customers’ needs: flawless show rooms, engaged and professional team members, knowledgeable sales staff and exceptional after-sales service.

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Sales Consultant

Our sales teams are product knowledge pros. Their jobs are to give the customer the information they require so they can make an informed buying decision. Our sales teams build relationships and find individualized solutions for each customer’s need.


Turning our show floors into homes and truly showcasing the product lines we have to offer – our merchandisers are never bored and always on the move. Becoming inventory specialists, they learn to flow product and are accountable for a clean and well-maintained store.

Customer Service

Our customer service teams are skilled problem solvers and solution providers. Often acting as the front line and first contact for customers, both internal and external, they have the tools to resolve anything that comes their way.

Retail Management

Our retail leadership team is comprised of individuals who lead by example and build strong teams through mentorship and a culture of positive goal setting and accountability.