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Welcoming a new child to your home is always a joyous event. From the very first time they open their eyes, to their first words and steps, watching your child grow and develop is part of the wonder of parenthood.

Whether you're looking for something simple to add colour to a room or something sophisticated to grow with your child, The Brick has all you need to give your precious little one happy days and restful nights.

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The time spent with your baby is precious. Every day, they grow and change, learning a little bit more about the world around them. Treat your little one to a bed that adapts to their needs. The Brick's collection of 4-in-1 convertible cribs is ready to grow and change with your child.
With solid wood, tall headboards and safety bars, our selection of quality cribs from the Oxford Baby line are sure to keep your precious treasure securely cradled all night long.

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Has your baby started to reach their toddler years? Help them get ready to stand ontheir own by transforming their convertible crib into an open daybed for playtime or a full twin-sized bed for nighttime. With one of the matching conversion kits, the bed that cradled them through their earlier days can carry them through pre-school and beyond.
Add the suite of matching dressers and nightstands to complete the bedroom look. These sturdy dressers can easily be used as changing tables with storage, or as a chest of drawers ready for holding big kid clothes.



Muggles and sorcerers alike, kids grow up fast. They grow up healthy when they have enough good quality sleep in a proper bed. Choosing the right bed can mean the difference between a weary and cranky child and one who is rested and ready for school each morning.
But which bed is right for your son or daughter?