Living Room

Sofa Lab

Express your personal aesthetic with Sofa Lab. Start by designing a custom sofa in your chosen frame, configuration and upholstery. Finish by curating your living space with accents and accessories. Here are 5 tips for getting the look.

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Tip #1:
Create a gallery wall

Arrange a gallery wall behind your Sofa Lab custom sofa. It’s an impactful way to make a statement with colourful artwork or black and white photography.

Tip #2:
Design a reading nook

Choose an accent chair to complement your Sofa Lab sofa. Pair it with a side table to hold your books and refreshments, et voilà: a cozy reading nook!

Tip #3:
Add an ottoman

An ottoman is a multifunctional living room piece: use it as a seat, footrest or side table. Multiple fabric options ensure your Sofa Lab ottoman is as unique as your taste.

Tip #4:
Toss some cushions into the mix

Patterns and prints are a colourful way to add flair to your living room. Sofa Lab offers fabulous cushion options to coordinate with your custom sofa.

Tip #5:
Accessorize in living colour

Complete the look with pops of colour. Think of your tabletop as a still life painting and create a scene with colourful vases, candles and ceramics. But don’t stop there: books, plants, fruits and flowers are unique visual elements too!