Sumptuous Sleep

This cozy bedroom has an eclectic vibe, with a feminine colour palette and playful mix-don’t-match aesthetic. Read on for tips on curating this cool, contemporary and oh-so relaxed look. 

Shop this room:

Add interest with textured bedding

This low-key grey comforter introduces pattern via texture (not bright colour) for an effect that’s cozy and calm, rather than distracting.

Hide clutter

inside a nightstand. You’ll always know where your phone is, but it won’t be a constant distraction at nighttime.

Create a peaceful and serene vibe

Set up a bedside lamp for reading time and add a couple of eye-pleasing accessories.

Optimize your storage and display space.

Tuck away your clothes out of sight and use the top of your dresser for jewellery and fragrances. Invest in pretty storage boxes and trays to organize and display your décor.