How to Update Your Living Room Décor on a Minimal Budget

The living room is often the largest room of a home, which makes it a particularly intimidating space to remodel if your budget is tight. However, you certainly shouldn’t settle for a living room that is unaccommodating or dull because of cost concerns. As your local experts in living room furniture and décor, here are some living room design ideas for homeowners on a minimal budget.

Paint the Walls

One of the most affordable ways to transform the look and feel of a living room is to paint the walls a new color. Painting is affordable and something you can do yourself with a few supplies as a DIY project. Painting gives you endless options with your living space ideas, depending on whether you paint all the living room walls, just a feature wall, or play around with some artistic stencil work.

Add Some Scented Candles

An easy and low-cost way to change the ambiance of your living room is to simply place some scented candles around the room. Plan to stick to just one scent that you love to not overwhelm the senses. The low light of burning candles adds a touch of coziness to any lounge room décor. Low-cost lamps are also great options for updated living space ideas.

Buy Some Throw Pillows or a Soft Blanket

Accent pillows and soft blanket throws also add a cozy touch to any living room décor and give the space a fresh look. It’s fun to change colors and patterns based on the seasons. Experiment with different textures as well to suit your mood and design style. Another way to add color, coziness, and softness to your living room is to place a stylish area rug on the floor.

Hang or Place Picture Frames

While original artwork can put a serous strain on your budget, photo frames are affordable and help you personalize your living room décor. Depending on whether you want to put nails into your walls or have ample surface space, you can either hang photo frames of loved ones or favorite travel scenes on your living room walls or display them propped up on existing surfaces.

Mount a Television

If your living room décor budget is more moderate, you might also consider mounting a television to change the look of this space. A mounted television instantly gives your living room a more modern look and frees up floor space. This is especially important if you have a small living room with limited space to navigate. The mounting process typically involves using ratchets, sockets, a tape measure, stud finder, level, and power drill.

Update the Crown Molding

Another moderate-budget idea involves updating the crown molding in your living room. This can be a DIY project to save money and adds a classic touch to any living room décor. In the living room, this feature can be added around the ceiling, around windows, above cabinets, over shelves, or around doors. To keep costs down, consider highlighting just one prominent aspect of your living room with crown molding.

Add Built-In Bookshelves

Moderate-budget living room design ideas also include adding built-in bookshelves. This living room fixture adds more storage to your space and allows you to display decorations and souvenirs as well. You’ll maximize your space with built-in bookshelves while giving personality to your living room décor and reducing clutter that would otherwise accumulate on coffee tables and end tables. Choose between short and wide or tall and narrow bookshelves depending on how large your space and how many items you want to display. Entertainment centers can also provide valuable built-in storage and display areas.

Add a New Piece of Furniture

Furniture comes in a wide range of price points, so don’t instantly write off the possibly of a new piece of furniture if you’re on a tight budget. At The Brick, we offer sofas, sectionals, loveseats, recliners, and many more types of furniture to suit any budget. To stay within your budget, start with a small addition, such as an end table, accent chair, or ottoman.

Even subtle additions to a living room can make a big difference in how the space looks and feels. Simply rearranging your existing furniture around a new piece or two can create even more dramatic results. Meanwhile, The Brick offers no-interest financing options for people looking to implement new living room design ideas without making a big financial commitment up-front.