Large Screen Televisions: 50 Inches and Up

What Types of Large Screen TVs Do You Offer?

At The Brick, we offer a diverse range of large-screen TVs that are 50 inches and up. Our selection includes various types of displays such as LED, OLED, and QLED, from top brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony. Whether you're looking for a smart TV with webOS or a high-definition 4K display, we've got you covered.

How Do I Choose the Right TV Size for My Room?

Choosing the right TV size depends on the size of your room and your viewing distance. A general rule of thumb is that the ideal viewing distance is approximately 1.5 times the size of your TV screen. So, for a 50" TV, you'd want to sit about 190.5 cm (75 inches), or roughly 1.9 meters (6.25 feet), away.

Can I Compare Different TV Models in the Store?

Absolutely! We offer a handy comparison tool on our website that allows you to compare features, specifications, and prices of different TV models. This tool helps you make an informed decision by highlighting the differences and similarities between your chosen models. You can also stop by one of our locations to compare models and features in person.