Why You Need A Sectional For Your Home

Why You Need a Sectional For Your Home

A sectional is an excellent alternative to a regular sofa for many reasons. The extensive design options, versatile configuration, comfort and ability to accommodate a group of people are among the top benefits. A modular sectional, in particular, is known for its layout versatility as you can configure it to fit your room’s unique layout. If you’re in the market for a new sectional sofa, use our helpful guide for tips to help you in your search.

The Benefits of Modular Sectionals

Sectional sofas come in a variety of configurations. Your sectional is likely to be the primary seating area, so a functional format is the most important consideration.

Modular sectionals are constructed of individual pieces that let you arrange them in nearly limitless configurations, creating a personal sectional sofa design. This gives you the flexibility to change the sectional configuration when you host a large group of people or add new furniture pieces to the room. Modular sectionals are commonly configured into U-shaped or L-shaped styles and can easily be tailored to your room size by adding additional seats.

Another benefit of a modular sofa is the ease of moving it. For example, if you want to update your living room furniture, you can easily transfer your modular sectional from the living room to the basement, piece by piece. In addition, the pieces are smaller and easier to fit through doorways and down staircases making them an excellent solution if you have a tight space or narrow stairwell to work around.

Design Options

Sectionals come in near-limitless design options, from the size, configuration and fabric to additional bells and whistles like power reclining functionality. For example, a large sectional that spans the room is perfect for big families or if you like to host friends and family. Alternatively, a smaller chaise sectional is ideal for small spaces or if you want to include other seating options, like an armchair.

A sectional with a power recline system or manual reclining seats and cup holders will make movie nights more comfortable. Lumbar support, headrests and extra storage are other features that make lounging that much more comfortable.

There are fabric options for nearly every lifestyle. For example, microfibre is a comfortable budget-friendly fabric. A leather sectional will offer long-lasting durability. Pet-friendly materials like chenille will help lessen the damage from any scratches, and stain-resistant fabrics stand up to spills and dirt.

Sectional Styles

When you’re shopping for a sectional, you have the option of purchasing an entire sectional or buying them piece by piece, otherwise known as a modular sectional. If you prefer to configure your own design and buy the parts individually, you can choose an option like the individual pieces from the Sofa Lab. These individual pieces are designed to work together. For example, you can pair a chaise, such as the Sofa Lab Roll LAF Chaise, with a love seat, such as the Sofa Lab Track Armless Loveseat and a modular couch, such as the Sofa Lab Roll RAF Sofa, to reach the configuration that works best for your space.

A modular sectional with an ottoman, such as the Ida 5-Piece Linen-Look Fabric Modular Sectional with Ottoman, gives you the flexibility to reposition your living room to your liking. The seat cushions include a layer of memory foam for maximum comfort and the linen-look fabric adds charm with a touch of casual relaxation.

The Winny 6-Piece Linen-Look Fabric Modular Sectional with Ottoman creates an inviting living space while offering supreme comfort. The comforting cushions are packed with high-density foam for a seating area with softness and staying power. Linen-look fabric gives the piece a neutral yet alluring appeal. You can reconfigure the pieces to keep up with your household’s needs.

While a modular sectional can be useful when figuring out design and having flexibility, some prefer their sectionals to be built and ready to use without any fuss to streamline the process. The Gena 2-Piece Right-Facing Sectional is a perfect example of a non-modular sofa, providing sophistication without sacrificing coziness and plenty of space to lounge with family and friends.

Another perk to choosing a standard sectional over one that is modular is the added benefit of a sleeper capability. By going with a sleeper sectional, such as the Carter 2-Piece Left-Facing Sleeper Sectional, you get comfort and functionality all in one. By allowing your sofa to double as a bed you get to save space without sacrificing a bed for your guest to stay on!

The right sectional can instantly improve the functionality and style of your room. Whether you choose the added flexibility of a modular sectional or the convenience and comfort of a sleeper sectional, outfitting your living room with the perfect sectional option is now within reach.