What You Need to Know About Buying an Adjustable Bed Frame

What You Need to Know About Buying an Adjustable Bed Frame

Upgrading your standard bed frame to an adjustable bed frame or base can offer a host of lifestyle and health benefits. For example, adjustable bed frames and bases allow you to change position with the touch of a button, comfortably watch TV, elevate your head or feet or be in a different sleep or lounging position than your partner. Whether it’s the first time you’re going bed shopping, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing bed, learn more about the benefits of an adjustable base so you can be sure you’re making the most informed purchasing decision. Read on to find out more about the benefits of adjustable bed frames, the different types of adjustable bed frames and how you can style this type of bed.

Benefits of an Adjustable Base

While an adjustable base for your bed may come at a slightly higher price point, the benefits pay off in terms of your comfort and long-term health. Read on to learn more about these well-being perks.

Easier to Lounge

With an adjustable base, you can reposition the bed to provide maximum comfort for reading, watching TV or even working in bed. In addition, by adjusting the mattress to easily sit up or lay down, you don’t have to prop yourself up with stacks of pillows anymore.

Health Benefits

It’s no secret that your quality of sleep dramatically impacts your overall health, mood and well-being. If you’re prone to snoring or acid reflux, elevating your head can help alleviate these symptoms. If you have poor circulation in your legs, you can raise the foot of the bed to elevate your legs when you sleep.

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Adjust to Your Sleep Position and Sleep Habits

Depending on your preferred sleep position, you can customize the base to accommodate your desired position. For example, if you favour sleeping on your back, you can adjust both your head and feet until you find a position in which you’re the most comfortable. Also, if your partner is ready to fall asleep but you still have a few more Netflix episodes to watch, you can sit up on your side of the bed while your partner lays down comfortably on the other side.

Types of Adjustable Bases

Because there are so many options to choose from, selecting a bed frame is more manageable after you hone in on the specific benefits you want. Understanding the features that are most important to you will ensure you invest in the best adjustable base for your lifestyle.

Adapts to Your Body Throughout the Night

The technology in the TEMPUR-PEDIC Mattresses with Reflexion® by Sealy Adjustable Base continually adapts to your body’s needs when you sleep to relieve pressure. The wireless remote helps you find your sweet spot, then save the position for consistent comfort.

Benefit from a Personal Masseuse

The Reflexion® by Sealy Arc Queen Adjustable Base forms to your mattress, creating an ergonomically curved space to sink into. The wireless remote’s massage setting is like having a personal masseuse on call. You can also select a range of sleep positions with a touch of a button.

Reflexion® by Sealy Boost 2.0 Queen Adjustable Base

Program Your Sleep Position

Get your best sleep yet, with all the bells and whistles on the Reflexion® by Sealy Arc Queen Adjustable Base. You can select your favourite lounging and sleep position with the wireless remote, then program it so personalized comfort is waiting for you every time you climb into bed. Use the head and foot massagers to erase any tension from the day. This base can stand on its own with adjustable legs, or you can use it inside your current bed frame.

How to Style an Adjustable Bed Frame

To complete your luxurious sleep setup, all you need is to add a fluffy comforter and selection of pillows and you will be ready to have countless nights of deep, restful sleep. But, do you need a boxspring for an adjustable bed frame? The answer is no, not typically. The foundation of the adjustable base serves the role of the boxspring in this type of bed.

If you want to create a peaceful environment, consider a solid white comforter and plenty of down-filled pillows in soothing blues or greens. This calming colour palette creates an atmosphere of rest and repose, and a haven to recharge for the next day.

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With multiple lounging positions, health benefits and sleep memory features, adjustable bed frames offer a host of benefits. Whatever your reasoning for making the investment in an adjustable bed frame, your improved sleep quality will pay off.