Tips for Organizing Your Space

Even the most organized people in the world with the cleanest and most immaculate homes tend to have at least one part of the house that could use a little extra attention. So, where’s your organizational blind spot?

In these challenging times, keeping the house organized has become even more difficult when spending extra time at home. With more people working from home now and more kids at home doing this whole remote learning thing instead of physically going to school, questions about how to declutter your home are very common.

Here are some tips to help you declutter and organize your most challenging spaces!

Get Control Over Shoe Clutter

We aren’t asking you to downsize your shoe collection, but there are creative ways to get shoe chaos under control in your entryway. Pick up a space-saving bench, like this Tyler Storage Bench, that can store shoes underneath and avoid that dreaded shoe pile right by the door.

A North Avenue Bench Providing Storage For Shoes, Blankets, and A Place for the Dog to Sit

Hang What You Can

When the closet is too far away and cluttering up the floor is not an option, coat racks provide an easy solution for busy families. Hooks by the front and back doors, on the back of bedroom and bathroom doors, and on the walls in utility rooms are perfect for hanging coats, hats,

Choose a Coffee Table with Storage

Coffee tables often serve as “catch-all” surfaces that can become disorganized over time. However, a coffee table with convenient storage drawers can help you keep the top clear for kids to study on or create artwork.

For example, the Rico Lift Top Coffee Table is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Easily entertain guests around it with its sleek design, while keeping your area neat and tidy thanks to its abundant storage.

Make Use of the Under-Bed Area

Now is not the time to let any extra space go to waste!

Reduce bedroom clutter with a bed that opens up underneath to store extra comforters, pillows, blankets, and whatever else you can squeeze down there. Beds with drawers that pull out are also really useful for this purpose.

To become an organizational pro in the bedrooms of your home, consider the Jace Storage Full Bed with under-bed storage area for a casual look in your bedroom and the Driftwood Mates Twin Platform Bed with Headboard for easy storage solutions in your kid’s bedroom.

Lift Top Queen Bed With Under Bed Storage

Really Work Those Laundry Machines

Think laundry machines simply wash and dry your clothes? Think again!

Some of the hottest new models of washers and dryers offer storage built right into the machine to stow away your detergent, dryer sheets, and stain remover spray. Better yet, today’s modern washers and dryers make energy efficiency a top priority, which will save you time and money on busy days at home and when utility bills show up in the mail. A couple energy-saving washer-dryer combos to learn more about are the LG Front-Load Washer and Dryer with Wi-Fi and the Samsung FlexWash™ and FlexDryer™.

Choose Baskets Over Plastic Bins

Plastic storage bins are certainly useful for stashing away clutter, but they aren’t exactly stylish. Get the best of both worlds with baskets!

Functional and decorative baskets are perfect for the laundry room, pet areas, and anywhere else where you keep bottles, toys, miscellaneous items that tend to get left out in the open.

Storage Drawers Providing Organization For The Laundry Room