Styling Your Bed Frames

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so the bed frame sets the tone for the room’s overall look and feel. A bed frame can also support a box spring, keep the mattress secure, and prevent a box spring from scratching the floor. If you’re in the market for a new bed frame, read on for bed frame ideas, learn about choosing the right style for your room, the different types of material to choose from and other details that go into selecting the perfect bed frame for you.

Different bed frame materials

With a wide range of bed frame materials to choose from, selecting the best bed frame for your lifestyle can be a significant decision. Below breaks down the different types of bed frame materials and why they may work for you.

Upholstered bed frames

An upholstered bed frame can be inviting, cozy and feel luxurious. The soft, cushioned headboard offers extra support and comfort. Upholstered headboards come in various fabric types and colours, tailored to any design style. An elegant, grey upholstered bed frame, such as the Portia Queen Bed is neutral enough to blend with any design style. If you have a large bedroom and you’re looking to make it feel softer and more inviting, an upholstered bed frame is a great choice.

Naya Queen Bed

Wood bed frames

Wood bed frames are traditional, elegant and can make a major design impact. Wood bed frames come in various styles. For example, a sleigh bed frame works well with a classic design scheme. A four-poster bed frame can blend in seamlessly with various design styles, ranging from classic to modern. A spindle bed frame, such as a Nashburg style, can help you achieve a modern farmhouse vibe. A wood bed frame such as the Kate King Bed is an Asian hardwood frame finished in a smoky grey-brown colour that can fade into the background or be the main focal point.

Metal bed frames

Due to its metal construction, wrought-iron bed frames are known for their longevity. Whether you have a rustic, boho or traditional bedroom, a wrought-iron bed frame will fit right in. A metal bed frame, such as the Nashburg King Bed is warm and understated yet offers an air of sophistication.

Your guide to picking the right bed frame material

Knowing the design aesthetic you want to achieve is one thing, but understanding how you use your bed is another factor. If you're debating between a wood or metal bed frame, there are several factors to consider.

  • Comfort: Both wooden and metal bed frames require plenty of pillows if you like to lounge in bed to read or watch a show because the headboard is often hard and unforgiving.
  • Maintenance: A metal bed frame can be lower maintenance than a wood bed frame, and both tend to be easier to maintain than upholstered bed frames. Metal bed frames requires a simple wipe down, where you may need to properly care for a wood bed frame to ensure it lasts long. As for upholstered beds, the upkeep often includes vacuuming and spot cleaning when necessary to avoid any potential staining or sun bleaching.
  • Durability: Metal bed frames are known for their durability and can hold a lot of weight, making them long-lasting.
  • Style: Wood bed frames offer more style flexibility, as it’s easier to update the look, depending on the bedding and accent furniture you select.
Reese Queen Bed - Black and Grey

Is a headboard right for you?

While not everyone chooses to have a headboard, headboards to offer additional comfort if you like to lounge in bed to read, watch TV or work. They also create a more refined look and anchor the space. As an alternative to a headboard, you can hang curtains or a tapestry behind the bed frame to add softness or wallpaper the wall to add visual interest.

All about platform beds

A platform bed is a commonly used type of bed frame. They offer a sleek, streamlined look and are easily identifiable by its flat base. Platform beds don’t require a box spring; you can simply lay the mattress on the bed. In addition, some platform beds have hidden interior storage, which is great if you live in a smaller space.

Platform beds are an affordable option to more expensive bed frames that require box springs. They also fit well in smaller-sized bedrooms. Platform beds are lower to the ground than traditional beds, which some people may prefer.

Burk Queen Platform Bed

If you’re looking to invest in a new bed frame, visit for the latest bedroom furniture trends. Then, kicking-off the new year inspired to refresh your bedroom.