Kids' Rooms: Decorating Ideas for Every Age

From a nursery to a place to fill out college applications, a child's room is a personal space that is uniquely theirs. While some pieces can last from the newborn days through the teen years, other items are age-specific. Providing your child with furniture that will adapt to their changing needs will give them a place to recharge, learn and grow. In addition, creating a space that blends timeless pieces with age-appropriate whimsy will result in a space they'll love spending time in. Explore kid’s room ideas, the must-have pieces for every stage and our picks for items that can grow with your child.

Infant Room Decor

Other than a crib, choose pieces that have more longevity. For example, a full-size dresser instead of a changing table will continue to fit into the room’s design as your baby grows up. Simply adding a changing cushion and changing table topper for your changing essentials is all you need to transform the dresser into a changing table.

Also, a stylish daybed, like the Arya Daybed, can be a life-saver during the early days of sleepless nights. It is streamlined to be tucked into a corner and can give you a place to catch some sleep if your baby is waking up frequently.

An oversized ottoman offers a host of benefits to a nursery. An ottoman gives you a place to rest your feet during late-night feedings, and you can also use it to change your baby’s diaper during the early months. Additionally, an ottoman, such as the Liv Ottoman with shoe storage, can serve as extra storage for the abundance of baby blankets you will inevitably accumulate. Finally, when your baby begins walking, they can use it for extra balance and to gain confidence.

And, as sweet as they are, babies can be messy and accumulate many things. So whether you build a custom closet, they can grow into or you have an ample amount of baskets and storage solutions readily accessible, having an organization system is vital for your relaxation.

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Toddler Room Decor

In a curious and quickly developing toddler's room, avoid furniture made especially for children, such as a child-size dresser, toddler bed or changing table. Purchasing child-size furniture puts an expiration date on the pieces, and you will need to re-design the room several years later. Instead, investing in high-quality furniture and a full or queen size bed will give your child foundational pieces they can grow into. An exception is a child-size table and chairs, so they have a place to create their masterpieces. Toddlers learn through play, so they need a spot for creativity and imagination. Whether it is a tent, canopy or tiny house, a space that is theirs will give them ownership and a place to flourish.

Creating a functional space for adults will make your time in your child’s room more enjoyable. Whether it’s a cozy chair to cuddle up and read books, or a window seat with plenty of cushions, having a place to relax, read and cuddle with your child is one of the essential elements of the bedroom.

Pre-Teen Room Decor

When your child is exploring their interests and individuality, it’s important to incorporate elements in their room that express their interests. For a pre-teen’s room, taking an approach of selecting timeless pieces but accessorizing with their interests creates a space that will last long but will reflect their individuality.

Involving your child in the design process is essential, so they feel ownership in the space. Take this feedback into consideration — then edit down. For example, if your child wants an all-pink room, lean into it. However, instead of saturating all the walls in pink, opt for neutral wall colour and paint the trim and doors pink for a more understated look.

Your pre-teen will also need a place to do homework, and having a dedicated area in their bedroom will make it uniquely theirs. Investing in a high-quality desk and comfortable chair that will last them through their teen years.

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Teen Room Decor

Between homework, sports, social events, work and college applications, your teen could probably welcome some downtime in their schedule. However, sleep is so vital to the formative teen years, so consider upgrading the mattress to a more appropriate version for an adult.

Also, with their desk system in place from the pre-teen years, assess any upgrades that are needed. This may include upgrading the chair to an ergonomic chair, adding a charging station or a whiteboard to help with homework or remote learning.

Designing a children’s bedroom where a child can still be a child but also stands the test of time is the key to ensuring a room will transition throughout their life stages. Investing in the right pieces and taking your child’s interests to heart will result in an age-appropriate space.