Designing with Luxury in Mind

Designing With Luxury in Mind

A home that exudes luxury doesn’t always mean a house filled with high price tag decor. Instead, a home designed with luxury in mind means a thoughtfully designed space that has a distinct sense of style, a focus on details and a pared-back elegance. If you’re looking to explore luxury interior design and bring luxury design to your home, read on for inspiration to give your home a luxurious look and feel.

Clean Lines

Luxury living room design is often created around clean, trend-proof lines. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary space, the key is selecting well-built pieces that will age well and won’t look dated in a year or two.

The BELDIVO Modella 5-Piece Power Reclining Sectional has clean, smooth lines and a minimalist design. It adds a subtle elegance and enhances any design style. The Modella’s top-grain genuine leather provides a luxurious spot for everyone to enjoy.

The BELDIVO Matrix 6-Piece Power Reclining Sectional in dove has an elegant, modular design that is well-suited to a wide range of homes and will add a touch of flair to any room in the house. The Matrix is exquisitely crafted to reflect high-end European furniture design. Its mix of clean lines and soft contours make this piece look stunning while keeping you cozy.

Neutral Hues

Neutral colours are elegant, timeless and will stand the test of time. Neutral hues also let you bring in subtle colours when you feel the itch to redecorate. Selecting larger pieces, such as sofas and loveseats in neutral fabrics, allows you more creativity for layering in colours in the rest of the room.

The BELDIVO Malibu sofa is a shade of calming grey, resulting in a laid-back ambiance. It creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere and radiates a carefree vibe. The Malibu is well-suited to various home decor styles and is ideal for pairing with bold and daring colours. The elegant European craftsmanship is reflected in the fine stitching and soft down feather seat cushions add an enticing coziness.

The BELDIVO Matrix Power Reclining Chair in dove is a neutral hue that offers maximum comfort while exuding a level of prestige and elegance. The Matrix Power Reclining Chair is exquisitely crafted to reflect high-end European furniture design and is beautifully upholstered. While modern and stylish, its pillowy-soft comfort provides optimal relaxation.

Layered Lighting

Layering lighting creates a luxe, rich look. Incorporating various lighting sources, such as sconces, art lights, table lamps, floor lamps and hanging lighting, allows you to control the lighting better and serves as a decorative element. Additionally, light sets the home's mood and enhances your home’s style. However, the most essential lighting source is natural lighting. Maximizing the amount of natural light that shines into your home by being strategic with your window treatments and not blocking any light sources is the most luxurious way to light your home.

Creating seating areas with appropriate lighting, a small table to rest a drink and comfortable seating creates a luxuriously approachable seating area. For example, an armchair, such as the BELDIVO Athena Chair, is a top-grain genuine leather chair that is a cozy yet sturdy place to sit back and relax while maintaining an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic. It’s a timeless piece that enhances any room.

Varying Textures

Having a variety of textures in your home sets luxury home design apart from an average home. Bringing in various textures through colour, fabric and material will give your home additional depth. Natural materials, such as leather, wool, jute or sisal, velvet, fur and sheepskin are also luxurious materials that will bring textural interest to a space.

The BELDIVO Athena Sofa is made from top-grain genuine leather with finely tailored diamond tufting. It is elegant, timeless and will endure for many years. The modern design showcases the skill of Europe’s finest artisans and is the perfect resting place for sophisticated gatherings and fascinating conversations.

A home designed with luxury in mind is thoughtfully assembled with trend-proof pieces known for their expert craftsmanship. Investing in a room’s more significant elements, such as the sofa and chairs, will pay off in the long run, in terms of longevity, quality and overall aesthetic.