Designer Tips for How to Style Your Entryway

Think the entryway is just an arbitrary transitional zone between the inside and outside of your home? Think again!

Style-wise, entryways make a HUGE impression and really set the mood for your whole house. After all, it’s the first thing you see when you walk in, and the last thing you remember when you leave.

Check out these entryway design tips to take this often-neglected household area up a notch!

1. Take a Seat on a Storage Bench

Show of hands: who could use a little extra storage space in their lives?

The next of our entryway design tips is to choose a storage bench to go here that coordinates with your existing home décor. Benches are awesome additions to entryways because they hide away clutter while giving you a convenient spot to transition between the inside and outside worlds.

You can play it safe with a Tyler Storage Bench that can withstand all four seasons. Or you can go bold with the Sadie or Bianca benches that just scream “elegance”.

Storage ottomans give you lots and lots of storage space and are extra durable for frequent use. Depending on the style of entryway bench you choose, you can effortlessly give your home a more luxurious look with button-tufted velvet or a more glamorous look with acrylic crystal feet.

2. Cabinets Perfect for Entryways

We love styling entryways with standalone statement cabinets for a little extra storage and some creative flair. Entryway cabinets can give the space by your door a little old-fashioned charm, which is perfect if you’re embracing farmhouse-style décor.

If space isn't an issue, you'll love the organization potential for sunglasses, keys, dog-walking supplies, flashlights, and so much more. This is an ideal option for back entryways or mudrooms because these areas tend to have more space for larger, more versatile items.

Chelsea Dresser

3. Mudroom Options without the Expensive Built-Ins

Speaking of mudrooms, there’s no need to invest in pricey built-in structures for entryway styling when you shop at The Brick!

Hall stands are multifaceted pieces of entryway furniture that you can use in many ways. Seriously, what other pieces of furniture give you a place to sit down, a way to double-check your hair in the mirror, and a perfect organization solution all in one? For a beautifully rustic look, choose a distressed wood hall stand, or if you like a more minimalist feel choose a more modern style to add some character and tidiness to your mudroom.

Now with these entryway design tips in mind, are you ready to start thinking of your entryway as a real room and not just a pass-through space?!

4. Gear Up for Winter with a Stylish Coat Rack

If anyone knows how to bundle up for the winter, it’s Canadians!

With cold weather right around the corner, we’re pulling our best coats, hats, and scarves out of the closet and buying new ones to keep up with the latest style trends. So, it goes without saying that you’ll need somewhere convenient to put all your winter gear!

To boost your entryway design, choose a coat rack that’s more than just functional. Give your entryway some industrial love with black metal and natural wood in a style with multiple shelves so your coats, gloves, wallet, handbag, and keys all have a home. The North Avenue Coat Rack is a good option for this.

Not a lot of space? No problem! Pick up a simple, space-saving coat rack that will work well with style or any colour scheme!

Rustic coat hooks placed in the entryway for hats, jackets, bags, and anything else that you need to hang-up