5 Types of Essential Furniture for Small Spaces

5 Types of Essential Furniture for Small Spaces

There’s a common misconception that designing small spaces is very limiting and devoid of intersting options for furniture and décor. However, this is simply not true – there are some amazing small apartment furniture ideas that are perfect for city dwellers, tiny homes and anyone looking to downsize.

Here’s how to design with furniture for small spaces and create a personalized home you’ll love, regardless of the square footage.

Sofas for Small Spaces

There’s no denying that sofas and couches take up a lot of space in a living room, but there are better ways to go about seating in a small apartment. For example, you might want to choose a loveseat perfect for two, over a three-seat couch or sectional if space is very limited. But depending on your layout, a sectional might work very well in a small space and eliminate the need for both a sofa and a living room chair. Sectionals offer versatility in their layout so that even in small spaces, you can arrange furniture to fit unique space requirements. Don’t be scared away by sectionals just because of their size!

Another great seating alternative is the futon or sofa bed if you’re looking to make the most of small spaces. With a futon or sofa bed, you get a spare bed for guests and daytime seating at the same time because these are dual-functioning pieces. These options look just as beautiful as standard sofas, plus, can save you a ton of space and money since you don’t have to buy two separate furniture pieces.

Storage Hacks with Ottomans and Coffee Tables

If you’re in a small space, embrace clever storage hacks, such as stashing away household items inside of ottomans and coffee tables. Keep clutter to a minimum with these dual-benefit living room pieces that not only give you a place to rest your feet, but also to store items that have nowhere else to go.

When you have guests over, no one will even know that your beautiful furniture pieces are being used to store items. These areas are perfect for keeping spare blankets, photo albums, magazines, books or board games neat and tidy.

Drop-Leaf Tables and Bar Stools

For small kitchens and dining areas, we love drop-leaf tables and bar stools because they don’t clutter up walkways, and they make small rooms feel bigger. Compared to traditional chairs, bar stools fit snugly under tables to allow extra room, and can be easily kept out of the way when necessary. Meanwhile, drop-leaf tables are ideal dining tables for small spaces because they can be optionally extended if you have guests over, or kept small for daily use.

Elevated Bed Frames and Under-Bed Storage

In addition to these small apartment furniture ideas, we also recommend elevated bed frames and under-bed storage to give you extra room on the floor to store long boxes and low-profile items. Consider getting a couple plastic under-the-bed boxes to stash away out-of-season clothes, archival documents or shoes. This way, you won’t clutter up your small closet with too much stuff, and you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for, even when you’re rushing out the door.

Tall Bookshelves and Wall-Mounted Office Storage

If you work at home or just want a quiet space in your apartment to read or get organized, you can apply storage hacks to the office area with tall bookcases designed to make the most of unused vertical space. For example, you can get a five-shelf unit that rises above your desk or sits on the wall to maximize otherwise unused space. Wall-mounted storage, such as file storage or cork boards, can help minimize desk clutter and get your storage solutions off the floor where they create obstacles to walk around.

At The Brick, we love small spaces just as much as large ones and have everything you need to implement your small apartment furniture ideas. Stop by one of our locations to start shopping, or if you’re still in the inspiration-gathering phase, be sure to check out our blog.