We’re your family members, friends, and neighbours.

We’re with you in small towns, major metropolises and everything in between. We know Canadians and reflect your values. We serve you, because we are you.

The Brick is proud to be a diverse, inclusive employer – not only because it makes our company stronger, better and more capable with each new perspective – but because it’s woven into the very fabric of what being a Canadian means.

Serving our communities, and our team members.

Our stores are not only built to serve our communities, but also to serve our team members. We create accessible buildings with wide aisles and safety features to make our shopping and work environment enjoyable by all. We can adjust workspaces to accommodate different needs, whether it is office seating, counter and desk-height workspaces, computers with variable sight setting or flexible break and shift times. We work with our team members to make sure their work experience is a productive one.

A more diverse and inclusive place to work.

We source out partners to assist us with both internal training and development to equip our managers with a diverse workforce, as well as provide employment opportunities which are operationally barrier free.

Our recruitment team is committed to building foundational relationships through mentorship, work experience programs, job shadowing, job carving and supporting our management teams as well as our potential team members.

We value communication and as such are always excited when team members bring us their linguistic skills. Each of our stores enjoys a wide variety of cultures and this means we can speak to our customers in the languages that are present in our communities. We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome and valued for the unique skills they bring to the table.

Boastable educational relationships:


RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program)


Grant MacEwan

Nominations, Awards & Certifications


Edmonton Mayor’s Award


DCEP (Disability Confident Employer)

In our journey to become a more diverse and inclusive place to work, we are proud to partner with these great agencies.

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