Proud to be Canadian,supporting Canadians.

The Brick was founded in Canada, and we are honoured to call ourselves Canadian. Being Canadian is part of our identity, and it plays a part in everything we do. We hire a lot of amazing people from across the country. Here at The Brick, there is nothing we are prouder of than our roots.

When you buy from The Brick, you can feel proud knowing you are supporting a variety of local businesses. We also partner with Canadian charities to help people in our very own backyard. And when our fellow Canadians need support, we stand by their side and are honoured to do our part.

Teamwork. Excellence. Innovation. Attitude.

Our values are our culture.

We are a company of Values

Our desire to form great teams means we provide every person we deal with, internally and externally, an unparalleled service experience.


Teamwork is about more than just working together.

Teamwork is about knowing that one of us is never better than all of us and together we can do amazing things. Being part of The Brick team means being an integral part of the service to our customers, no matter what role you play.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Excellence is more than doing it right, it’s doing the right thing, going beyond expectations and creating the best-in-class retail experience.


Constant and never-ending improvement is the driving force at The Brick.

It is through the ideas and influence of our team members that we improve our policies, processes and products daily. With a multitude of platforms to share ideas, we support the growth of our company through the growth of our team members.


A passion for retail and an ardent desire to help people is at the heart of our team.

Without team members who really want what is best for our customers and the team, we would not succeed. The right attitude is what ties all our values together.

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Involved in ourcommunities.

At The Brick, we know how meaningful it is to give back to the communities that support us. Being part of your neighbourhood means caring about what impacts people’s lives every day. Part of our commitment is to help to improve the lives of children, Brick by Brick.

Our customers and team members tell us there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of children. For decades, we have helped provide life-saving health care at children’s hospitals around the country. We are also involved in nurturing healthy and active young Canadians, supporting sports, nutrition and learning programs for kids.

Staying Connected

Work is not just work; it is an extension of yourself. With thousands of employees from coast to coast, we strive to keep our teams connected – both internally, and across the country. We use social committees and leadership to drive activities, events and online forums to promote communication, comradery and, most importantly, fun. From BBQs to photo challenges, from family involvement to community support – we socially connect throughout the year and welcome opportunities to not only engage with our team, but also our communities in meaningful ways.